Matrix Resurrections: The film saved by its availability on HBO Max?


Highly anticipated, especially since it also marks the return of Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss), Matrix Resurrections started out with very mixed reviews from the media and early viewers. A division that was also felt at the box office, since the film only generated $ 22.5 million on US soil after its first five days of operation. He was therefore very largely beaten by Spider-Man No Way Home, but also by All in Scene 2.

In France, the film ranks third in the week of December 22-28 with 513,133 admissions, behind All in Scene 2 (1,173,587) and Spiderman (Additional 1,737,100, 4,604,615 in total). Over the past week, and in France, however, it is ahead The Tuches 4 (497,120 entries), Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family (429,418 entries), and My dearest children (168,736 entries).

But let’s go back to the American market side, where Matrix Resurrections is also released on HBO Max. This is important to take into account, because cinema admissions have potentially been weighed down by the holidays, the pandemic, and the availability of the film on the platform. Until today, no data was available to assess the audience for Lana Wachowski’s feature film on HBO Max. Things have changed with Samba TV’s estimates, which were relayed by Deadline.

According to the figures that have been communicated, Matrix Resurrections would have been seen by 2.8 million people on HBO Max. A very honest score, which however remains quite far from expectations. On the other hand, and according to the MUSO site, whose information is relayed by Ecran Large, the film would be at the top of downloads illegal. To compare, Godzilla vs. Kong was seen 5.8 million times on the platform, Mortal Kombat the summer 5.6 million many times, and The Suicide Squad attach 5.1 million viewings.

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