Sales: The excellent Roccat Vulcan 120 mechanical keyboard sees its price decapitated


There are many types of people in this world. Those who swear by mechanical keyboards and those who don’t know what they’re missing. And the Roccat Vulcan 120 is clearly one of those we don’t want to miss in the mid-range and especially at this price. It is currently available from Amazon for € 119.95 instead of the usual € 159.99, a 25% discount!

Roccat promises you a lot of things with this keyboard and they are right! Here we have a durable design with an aluminum plate to strengthen the structure of the keyboard while protecting it from the various hazards of competitive video games. Don’t go hitting him with rage if you lose, the poor thing is not for nothing. More seriously, it will easily resist dust and be easy to clean.

This Roccat keyboard is equipped with Titan mechanical switches which were developed by the brand in order to offer rapid and precise mechanical typing. Their tactile activation point is silent and has been designed to detect keystrokes faster than their competitors (according to the brand). So count on an efficient and fast keyboard, which is all that is required of it in the game!

For comfort / style, we have two main functions: AIMO lighting with a long lasting LED for each switch capable of displaying a ton of colors and effects. If you have other devices with this technology, they will also be very easily synchronized. Finally, there is the detachable wrist rest with its magnetic mechanism for even more ergonomics and comfort.

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