Samsung Galaxy Buds bluetooth headphones are 2 times cheaper during sales!


If you have an Android smartphone and are looking for new wireless headphones that are easily portable as the current trend is, then Samsung has it all.

The Galaxy Buds range is no longer at its first attempt since the Korean brand has succeeded in offering different bluetooth headphones with various characteristics. Active noise reduction, immersive sound and ergonomic designs, it really has it all.

If you already have a Samsung or Android smartphone, the Galaxy Buds Plus will work wonderfully with your device (and even your iPhone to some extent). Equivalent to the all new 3rd generation AirPods, Galaxy Buds plus offer one of the best experiences on the market.

Like the Galaxy Buds 2, these wireless headphones are fitted with two AKG speakers for rich, detailed sound and bass that is quite stunning for such a compact object. Unfortunately, the Buds Plus do not have active noise reduction or at least only during calls.

In addition to a case that is used to charge the headphones without wires, several tips are also included so that you can find the ideal fit for your ear, thus reinforcing the passive isolation that the in-ear headphones offer. Battery life after charging is 11 hours for extended listening sessions.

Note that the Korean brand provides an application for its accessories, called Galaxy Wearables. This will allow you to set the equalizer of your Galaxy Buds or to decide the commands assigned to its touch surface.

The excellent Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black are available on sale at Fnac for € 79 against the original € 149. At this price, there is no need to think too much.

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