Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: the lightest Surface laptop PC is on sale at Amazon


What strikes first with the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is its decidedly premium design. The strong aluminum frame gives this PC a very elegant appearance. Its ice blue color is the most beautiful effect, and gives it a professional computer look.

Then we can only salute its impressive lightness: with dimensions of 278 x 206 x 15.6 mm, its weight barely exceeds 1 kg. It slips into any bag to accompany you on a daily basis, wherever you go.

In terms of autonomy, the Surface Laptop Go is doing with the minimum union: 8 hours of life for classic use, which remains average, but should be sufficient for office use in teleworking. Especially since the format of the fast-recharging power supply unit is also reduced in order to take up as little space as possible.

Beyond this miniature format, the Surface Laptop Go does have resources. Its 12.45-inch screen is tactile, and it offers an occupancy rate of 80% thanks to thin borders, for a more pleasant display during your productive activities.

Inside this notebook, there is an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor and 8 GB of RAM: an honest configuration, again, for daily office use, and to be able to work in comfort. Due to the lack of a dedicated graphics card, this PC is not intended for gaming anyway (although it can run some games in intermediate configuration) or for more resource-intensive tasks such as photo editing.

In short, the Surface Laptop Go is a versatile and balanced laptop PC. By combining a refined and compact design with average, but solid performance, it should appeal to mobile workers looking for a machine that is easy to transport and simple to use. And since its price drops below 800 € on Amazon, it might be time to give in!

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