PlayStation Plus: Rally, Joker and Restless Miners for January 2024


In terms of video game content available this month, we have not finished off to a good start to the year with DIRT 5, the rally simulation as arcade as it is visually satisfying. Explore all kinds of horizons and let yourself be drawn into unbridled driving in varying weather conditions. Not even lenient at all.

Always to decompensate, nothing like a good Musou: Persona 5 Strikers will take you to Japan to admire its graphics in cel shading and rub shoulders with hordes of enemies in furious action borrowing from RPG elements. Pure happiness for fans of the franchise … and also for others.

If you prefer to go out with friends, Deep Rock Galactic will draw you deep into randomly generated alien mines. This space co-op roguelite-FPS lets you choose a dwarf from a team of 4, and go on a frenzied mission with 3 other players to defeat the alien and bring back non-crypto resources. An entire program.

Enjoy other benefits with PlayStation Plus like access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts on the PS Store, and 100 GB cloud storage. PS5 players who subscribe to the service also get the PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of 20 must-have PS4 games.

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