Minecraft becomes the first game to break this record of views on Youtube, Mojang gives thanks gifts

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Released in 2010, Minecraft has since achieved many records. The latest figures, dating from 2024, mention 200 million copies distributed around the world making Minecraft the best-selling game of all time. In addition, figures from last August evoke 141 million monthly active users: a community probably maintained by the creative freedom offered by the game as well as the many updates made by the developers.

But today, Minecraft has just set a new record: it is the first video game to exceed one trillion views on Youtube. It was Youtube which announced the news, by publishing on its site a modular retrospective very well done to better understand the path taken by Minecraft. We can see that 2024 recorded 232.5 billion views, or 635.6 million per day.. A trend that has increased year by year:

As our data shows, It took about eight years for this community to generate 500 billion views, but only about two years to double that number to one trillion. We can only guess what highs they will reach in the future, but like this stage, it will be fun to watch them.

The community therefore always responds to the creators of Minecraft content on Youtube. A gesture that Mojang Studio and the platform appreciated since they dedicated to thank her with the following gifts:

Source: Youtube

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