Genshin Impact Mid-January 2024 Abyss Guide

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Even in full version 2.4, MiHoYo does not change its habits and offers, like every middle of the month, a new version of the Abyss, this dungeon which goes from very easy to very complicated depending on your investment. You will, however, recover Primitive Gems, which is quite motivating. And if you want to level up characters for better results, here is our list of the most used characters in the Abyss

Genshin Impact Mid-January 2024 Abyss Guide

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon – Extracted Moon

”’When the deployed character’s normal, charged, or dipping attack repeatedly hits enemies within 2 seconds, their normal, charged, and dipping attack damage increases by 5% for 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 15 times and triggered once every 0.1 seconds. The effect ends when the character leaves the battlefield.

Advice and strategy

Genshin Impact Mid-January 2024 Abyss Guide

On the 12th floor, an anomaly causes some enemies to have a buff to increase physical and elemental resistances by 10%. However, when they come under attack normal, their resistances decrease by 3% per hit, up to 30% for 20 seconds. The goal here in general will therefore be to lower the resistances well, before unleashing your most powerful spells. On the second part, we strongly advise you to bring cryo with you.

For the first room, try to do as much damage as possible in a short time at the Mechanical Perpetual Matrix, ideally with elementary reactions like Melting and Evaporation. After lowering her HP, she will then summon enemies. Focus on the marked one so you can hit the die again and get rid of it.

For the second, just chain the reactions with the Cryo and Hydro element, to freeze the opponents. Ideally use zone attacks for wolves, without forgetting to have a healer.

Genshin Impact Mid-January 2024 Abyss Guide

For the first part of the 2nd room, do not bring a character with the element pyro ! Indeed, the Ancient Geosaurus is infused with this element. So bring a character Geo, or even with a pyro shield, to counter his special attack and thus inflict a lot of damage on him in the process.

For the second, do again enough to freeze the opponents to finish as quickly as possible.

Genshin Impact Mid-January 2024 Abyss Guide

For the 3rd room, take care of the Guardians of the Ruins quickly, doing maximum area damage by chaining elemental reactions. Have a character who can give you shields will be of great use here, since you will be “in the crowd”.

As for the 2nd part of this 3rd room, take care of the Oni Blade. Once at 75% health, he will summon a clone. Drop everything you have to do maximum damage here.

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