Nintendo: Will we be able to play online on Switch during the holidays? Nintendo responds

Nintendo Switch

Sales that even threaten Nintendo’s ability to meet demand, because the shortage of semiconductors penalizes the manufacturer as well as Sony or Microsoft. Stocks have been made, but CEO Shuntaro Furukawa expressed concern as early as this summer.

Either way, Nintendo thinks see many new players land in the coming days, which will potentially have repercussions on servers. Often mocked, the latter remain widely used and could be overloaded as new players set up their accounts and start playing. Nintendo anticipates these issues, and posted a warning tweet through one of its official Japanese accounts. The latter was relayed by VG24 / 7, and warns the players. Nintendo therefore anticipates very numerous connections on December 25, which could congest the servers.

This weekend, access will be concentrated on the Nintendo Account servers, and it is expected that the Nintendo Account cannot be created immediately. If you are planning to use Nintendo Switch for the first time, we recommend that you create it in advance.

To counter this, the firm therefore invites players who are already aware of their gift to create their account in advance via the official website. Once the console is unpacked, it will suffice to associate it so that everything is properly in place. It is also quite astonishing to see that Nintendo doesn’t mention the eShop, which went down on Christmas Day last year. So it seems that the company is confident about the stability of its online store.

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