iPhone 13: we found its direct competitor, it is on sale and a gift is offered to you


Red by SFR has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones for this end of the year and especially for Christmas! EIn fact, we find the latest from Sony, the Xperia 5III, offered for less than 850 €! An exceptional price when we know that it was launched at nearly € 1,300. Add to that the fact that the Sony Wireless Headphones WH-H910N come with it, and you’ve got a winning combo destined to end up under the tree.

The Sony Xperia 5III is the compact power of an Android smartphone that is both powerful in video games, video and photos. Ergonomic, it will completely satisfy you with its features and its various easy accesses.

Equipped with the 5G chip, it will be able to follow you in the next generation of mobiles capable of supporting the new network. In short, it is a versatile and efficient smartphone. And if you don’t want to get started with setting up an Apple ecosystem, the Xperia 5III is one of those smartphones that offers a premium alternative.

iPhone 13: we found its direct competitor, it is on sale and a gift is offered to you

The Xperia 5III is a smartphone with a 6.2-inch diagonal OLED display. With its resolution of 1080×2555 inches and its density of 449ppp, it is able to deliver a crisp, rich and eye-pleasing image. On top of that, it has a 120Hz refresh rate, perfect for enjoying movies, series, and other anime!

But, it is especially at the gaming level that the Xperia 5III wishes to differentiate itself. Indeed, it has many settings that allow you to enjoy your games on mobile. Whether it is locking certain keys, or even energy management, it is completely possible to configure the entire smartphone to enjoy the most pleasant experience possible.

As we can speak of a real ease in this field of gaming, there is no need to look far for the why: this smartphone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. The latter is one of the most powerful processors released. lately. Added to this are 8 GB of RAM, which gives the Xperia 5III first-rate responsiveness!

But where he comes to tickle the tenors of smartphones, it is in photography. Indeed, the latter is equipped with a main sensor of 12 megapixels f / 1.7, an ultra-wide-angle sensor of 12 megapixels f / 2.2 and finally, a telephoto lens of 12 megapixels in f / 2.3 and f / 2.8.

iPhone 13: we found its direct competitor, it is on sale and a gift is offered to you

This configuration allows him to take particularly clear photographs and especially with natural colors. These are done automatically, based on the treatment of the device. We will still note the presence of a slight deformation on the sides when using the ultra wide-angle. But this is easily corrected with the tools of the device.

In itself, we are faced with a device that is largely endowed with a configuration point of view, which has a particularly developed photography part, but without making any concessions on the gaming part. In short, a good alternative to the iPhone 13, in addition, a wireless headset is offered to you!

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