Notre-Dame burns: soon a game in virtual reality around the fire of the cathedral?


Ubisoft, a French video game development studio, has announced a partnership with film producer Pathé to develop a escape room in virtual reality. The theme of this one will be the fire of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, which took place on April 15, 2019.. It is in an exclusive interview granted to the media variety that Deborah Papiernik, senior VP from Ubisoft, revealed the information while providing details on this experience:

Like other escape games, it’s about solving puzzles and cooperating with other players. The idea is to roam the cathedral in search of relics, while fighting the spreading fire.

But why make a escape room instead of a real game? In the Variety article, Papiernik explains that it is director Jean-Jacques Annaud (Two brothers) who contacted the studio in 2024. He knew he was interested in Notre-Dame de Paris, and probably wanted a joint experience with the release of his film Notre Dame is burning. It is expected in French cinemas on March 22, a short time to make an entire game.

But then, why choose Ubisoft? Also in this interview with Variety, Deborah Papiernik rightly recalls that the studio knows Notre-Dame de Paris well. In fact, Assassin’s Creed Unity was released in 2014 and was set in the midst of the French Revolution in the 18th century in Paris. Included in the game is a detailed model of the cathedral. Shortly after the fire two years ago, Ubisoft is donating €500,000 to renovate the building while offering Assassin’s Creed Unity free to players. The year after, it’s a free experience called Notre Dame de Paris: Journey Back in Time which allows players to revisit the cathedral.

But then, how to test this video game experience? At the end of the interview, Papiernik indicates that 630 partner theaters will have access to the game. A release therefore scheduled for the end of March, to stick with the release of the film Notre Dame is burning.

Source: variety

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