One of the best mechanical keyboards on strong promotion


The “gamer” keyboard market is very competitive, with several manufacturers lining up very good models, at all prices. Among the best known, we can mention Razer, Logitech, Roccat or Corsair. This American brand, originally specialized in PC components such as RAM, indeed offers several mechanical keyboards of excellent quality. The “gaming” DNA is omnipresent here, of course with RGB backlighting, but also several function keys dedicated to video games or a comfortable wrist rest for long gaming sessions.

More particularly, the K95 Platinum is positioned on a “high-end” niche, by its characteristics, but also its price. It is indeed a model which is usually positioned around 200 €, which is almost the most expensive in this category. We therefore appreciate all the more the current promotion at Amazon, which allows you to take advantage of a 25% discount. It thus goes to 149 €.

Corsair’s K95 keyboard is therefore of the “mechanical” type and will therefore benefit from keys with a real typing sensation, with in return a fairly present boxwood. Here we are dealing with Cherry MX Brown type switches. They have the advantage of being extremely responsive, with activation after 1.2mm of travel.. A good point if you play games that require excellent responsiveness (MOBA or STR, for example). To further customize, the K95 also offers 6 macro keys on the left side, which you can configure at will. This model also benefits from very practical multimedia controls, in particular a small metal dial to adjust the volume to the very pleasant feeling. In short, very good stuff and excellent value for money.

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