One of the best PC and PS5 steering wheels goes on sale


If you are passionate about racing games, the gaming steering wheel will be your essential accessory to obtain sensations and precision during your driving sessions, which is unfortunately not possible with a controller or a keyboard.

In this regard, the Logitech G29 steering wheel is sold in a package that includes its pedals which are all PC and Playstation compatible (4 & 5 in this case).

This pack, rather complete if you want to improve your racing games setup, Launched at € 339 is available on sale at € 299 on Boulanger.

We no longer present Logitech and its incredible office and gaming accessories which offers a gaming steering wheel following its little brother the G27. Launched in 2015 for PC and older models of Playstation consoles, it is still compatible with the famous PS5 if you are one of the lucky owners.

Logitech G29 steering wheel features force feedback with vibration which lets you feel the screech of your tires with precision, thanks to two integrated motors. Like in a real vehicle it is capable of performing a 900 degree rotation.

In addition to a superb leather finish and metal frame it has all the buttons you need to control your Playstation console without the need for a controller. A three-pedal pedal for the accelerator, clutch and brake is also present with the steering wheel and has customizable settings.

The opinion of
This G29 does not lack qualities. Its ergonomics, its materials and its assembly are a true demonstration of what Logitech is capable of producing best. But with an engine and force management too close to the G27, it is clearly lagging behind the competition. However, its offer remains consistent, especially for those playing without a dedicated support, thanks to a pedal capable of shining on all surfaces.

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