One of the best SSDs for PS5 and PC at a crazy price on Amazon


Have you just had a PS5? Congratulations, the machine is still very difficult to find. Now all you have to do is improve its performance a little to fully enjoy the experience of the new Sony console. For that, there is an almost essential accessory: the SSD. This small item further reduces loading times and drastically increases the beast’s storage capacity. At a time when the games are getting heavier and heavier, this is important.

Whether it’s giving a PC or a PS5 a boost, there are always compatibility stories to consider. To keep only the example of the Sony console, the latter is quite demanding and accepts only the most powerful SSDs of the moment (in PCIe 4.0 format for connoisseurs).

The Samsung 980 Pro is certified compatible, and we know why: it is a benchmark recognized for its exceptional characteristics. Sony requires a minimum read speed of 5500MB / s in order to take advantage of reduced load times. The 980 Pro is capable of going up to 7000 MB / s. Suffice to say that you do not risk seeing your reflection on a black screen very often.

At the moment, this little nugget is on sale for € 92.19 on Amazon in its 500 GB version, enough to add a lot of titles to your game library for a really affordable price. You have to keep in mind that this model is generally sold above 120 € and that, even at a high price, it offers good value for money. If you want to take storage capacity up a notch, the 1TB model is $ 188.

You just saw it. The link to the Samsung SSD does not come alone, but accompanied by a heat sink. Why ? Simply because it is necessary. Indeed, given the small space provided for the SSD, if the latter is not equipped with a heat sink, it runs the risk of overheating. And in this case, the SSD will slow down its frequency in order to avoid hardware breakage.

You are probably telling yourself that being forced to make 2 purchases instead of just one is not very beneficial for you. On the contrary, this is where you get the best value for money on the market. SSDs sold with a heatsink included are much more expensive, whereas you only need to “clip” a heatsink purchased separately in 2 seconds to do the exact same job.

We then offer you another reference model, popular with most players: the MC1 Be Quiet !. Warning: the “MC1 Pro” heatsink should be avoided, since it is too large for the location of the PS5. It is therefore necessary to give priority to the MC1 dissipator, quite simply, which is suitable.

For the rest, if you want to know how to install an SSD on a PS5 or if you have other questions on the subject, we leave you with a small homemade video and our FAQ that should meet your expectations!

How to increase the storage space of the PS5?

There are two ways to increase the storage of your PS5, via an external hard drive (HDD) or via an SSD to insert into your console. However, it is only with an internal SSD that you will be able to launch the games.

How to install an internal SSD on the PS5?

To do this, you need a size 1 Phillips screwdriver. After making sure that the console is unplugged, lay it down and position it in front of you. Remove the cover and then unscrew the cover from the SSD expansion slot. Remove the screws, plug in the SSD and screw it in. All you have to do is close the cover of the space dedicated to the SSD and replace the outer cover. Plug the console back in and follow the instructions in the PS5 format utility so that you can use your new SSD.

Which internal SSDs are compatible with the PS5?

Currently, due to very strict rules for integrating an SSD, only a few PCIe 4.0 models may be suitable. With a heat sink, we will retain the SSD WD_Black SN850, and then, in the category without heat sink, you can count on the Sabrent 2Tb Rocket 4 Plus, the Samsung 980 Pro or the Crucial P5 Plus.

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