PS5: This 4K smart TV is perfect for the PlayStation 5 and it’s on sale!

PS 5

As one of the most popular TV manufacturers on the market, Sony continues to establish itself by offering complete ranges that shine with the best technologies on the market.

The Japanese giant is once again showing off its great craftsmanship by offering an above-average viewing experience. Perfectly able to offer excellent image quality with its 4K resolution up to 120 FPS much superior to Full HD and its HDR technology, this smart TV will amaze you with its incredible level of detail. Designed for both intense gaming sessions where the cinema sessions, it will offer you a real immersive adventure.

Unveiling the best that Sony has to offer, the Sony Bravia XR TV with 55 inch screen also has artificial intelligence thanks to its Google TV operating system, with voice commands directly linked to Google Play Store or Netflix. Its Screen Share function allows you to duplicate the screen of your smartphone, tablet or PC so that it appears on your TV: a high-end service combining entertainment and connectivity in a single device.

Succumb to the Sony XR55X90J 4K TV for € 990

Armed with his soundtracks Dolby Atmos, of a XR Sound Position and sound processing XR surround, the Sony Bravia XR television delivers a realistic audio experience, taking sound to new heights with advanced speaker technology, for a more defined and harmonious performance.

Under the combined effect of the ingenious cognitive processor XR and the backlight Full Array LED reacting to the brightness of your surroundings, it reveals a wide range of hues and saturation, with natural images, vivid shadows and ultra-realistic textures.

This revolutionary television has a storage capacity of 16 GB and a sweep frequency of 120Hz. It allows you to connect all of your devices thanks to its 4 HDMI ports and his 2 USB ports. Finally, its perfectly proportioned dimensions (1233 x 784 x 338 mm) and its refined design will seduce you without any doubt.

Let yourself be seduced by this Sony XR55X90J 4K TV offering an innovative and immersive experience. You will be able to enjoy PS5 movies, TV shows and games in the best conditions. Take advantage of an exclusive promotion by indulging in the charm of one of the best Sony TVs, currently available for € 990!

Succumb to the Sony XR55X90J 4K TV for € 990

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