Putting this item on sale on your desk can make your life easier


Sales are an ideal opportunity to acquire new products at affordable prices. Perfect for adding style to your desk and providing convenient space for your computer headset, the Razer V2 Chroma Mercury Base Station uses a Chroma backlight engine that will automatically sync your lighting with your best games.

Providing optimal comfort to your gaming sessions, this station will minimize the clutter of your desk and will accommodate your headset on its integrated support lined with a non-slip rubber pad gripping the desk, surrounded by RGB LEDs. This characteristic limits the movement of the support and allows a better grip of the helmet. For ideal connectivity, take advantage of the two USB 3.1 ports, very practical for connecting your devices, as well as a 3.5mm output with a built-in DAC offering enhanced 7.1 surround sound output.

Find the Razer V2 Chroma Mercury base station at 54 € on Amazon

In addition to its robustness and versatility, this station has a beautiful, very bright RGB lighting, with a clean design in white aluminum.

Rest assured to be completely immersed in the heart of the game with this superb base station providing you with 16.8 million colors and a variety of effects. More than ever, you will benefit from perfect ergonomics and ideal lighting for playing your video games on PS5, accompanied by a quality base station.

Currently in exclusive promotion on Amazon, do not miss this opportunity to make your gaming sessions more enjoyable, practical and lively thanks to this wonderful Chroma Razer V2 station with generous designs and at the insane price of 54 €.

Find the Razer V2 Chroma Mercury base station at 54 € on Amazon

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