Sale: The INMOTION Gyroroue at a discounted price at Darty


Even if you may need a little practice before mastering a gyroroue, we still recommend this connected electric device which will allow you to move easily in town or on all types of roads.

Inmotion is a brand specializing in electric vehicles such as electric scooters, mini-scooters or even gyroroues, like the model we are offering you today. With its expertise, it therefore offers us an easily transportable device with its trolley handle which will ensure the locking of the wheel by a circuit breaker button, when you are on the move.

This single wheel model will allow you to go to a maximum speed of 40 km / h on private land and only 25 km / h on public spaces. It therefore remains perfect for predominantly urban use, even if its wheel has tremendous grip and excellent stability.

Regarding possible nocturnal trips or simply to be more easily located, the gyroroue is equipped withfront and rear lights blue and red LEDs. Namely that there are also Side LEDs which will be completely customizable.

We come there, this gyroroue remains a connected device which has two bluetooth speakers. With the dedicated application you will not only be able to program the voice warning system, but also to unbridle your device and check its battery.

In terms of autonomy, the single wheel from Inmotion has a lithium-ion battery of 960 Wh, which is enough to last around 75 km for a charging time of around 8 hours.

If you dreamed of owning a small electric vehicle to get around town, you’ve got the perfect device for getting started, especially at this price. At only € 944, the INMOTION V10F gyroroue is an opportunity not to be missed, and for that price, Darty also offers you training in the rules of the road.

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