Sales: no more headaches in front of the screens thanks to these revolutionary glasses!


Are you used to spending hours in front of your TV series or your video games and you feel your eyes get tired as you consume your screens, whether it is smartphone, computer or television?

Meet the protective lenses made up of yellow UV filters specially made to give you the rest your eyes sorely need. These glasses will durably limit the harmful effects of screen consumption in addition to improving your concentration.

Manufactured by an eco-responsible French company based on scientific advice banning blue light, these glasses have been specially designed to improve your quality of life. Gamers will be happy to see their kid sessions become much more enjoyable. As a bonus, you will have a lifetime guarantee: satisfied or your money back!

Buy the Horus X glasses for 29 € on Amazon

In addition to their sleek style on a light and pleasant frame, these glasses have good ergonomics with optimal comfort even for those who are not used to wearing glasses thanks to its low weight of 20g, in addition to adapt to several shapes of faces.

If you are concerned about the quality of your sleep, these HORUS X Casual glasses limit eye fatigue and stimulate your production of melatonin, the sleep hormone that is activated in the evening.

Regular use will help you regain sleep thanks to the filtering power of blue lights and their restful effect.

Treat yourself to a very surprising quality product, capable of putting an end to headaches, tired eyes and screens embedded in the retina for good. With a superb discount from 59 € to 29 €, do not hesitate to order on Amazon!

Buy the Horus X glasses for 29 € on Amazon

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