Sales: One of the best Sennheiser Wireless Gaming Headsets at a bargain price


The choice of gaming headset that is used on PS5 or Xbox Series is essential, especially when it costs more than 200€. With this in mind, Sennheiser is often a brand to fall back on without having any unpleasant surprises.

Sennheiser is indeed clearly one of the renowned brands for the quality of its headphones. Today, their GSP 670 gaming headset is on sale, dropping from $349 to $212, a crazy 39% off for one of the brand’s latest products !

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The GSP 670 is a headset that offers lossless Bluetooth connection and advanced low latency technology to create a smooth sound experience, its long range uninterrupted Bluetooth connection is up to 10 meters. Add to that 20 hours of Bluetooth battery life and a 7-minute quick charge to give you 2 hours of wireless gaming! Recharging is therefore ultra-fast.

Compatible with many platforms, you can use it whether you are a fervent supporter of your PS5, Switch, Xbox console, a member of the PC master race team or even better: a cross-platform free player. Finally, it is important to note that a noise-canceling microphone is present (Professional quality microphone with noise reduction that suppresses background and breathing noise with flip-to-mute function that cuts itself when it is raised).

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