Sales: the Logitech G435 gaming headset sees its price drop


Wireless headsets bring comfort to use, without being bothered by this wire. You see them both in “everyday” use and also in a “gamer” version. The goal: to feel good whatever you do with it. The pleasure of wearing with the sound quality that goes with it.

Logitech is one of the references in the world of PC accessories. We see this brand as well for mice, keyboards but also helmets. We change universe but the quality is still there. The G435 is a quality headset with a worked design so that you feel totally comfortable during your gaming sessions.

This helmet is very light with its weight of 165g, which will not bother you when you wear it. The ear cups are flexible and shape memory. After a little use, your ears will have marked their territory. In an eco-responsible approach, this helmet is CarbonNeutral certified and is made of at least 22% recycled plastic. In addition, Logitech funds a carbon offset program.

It has 40mm audio transducers that have Discord certification. They are compatible with Doldy Atmos and Windows Sonic technologies, delivering high quality and immersive sound. Perfect for immersing yourself in the world of sound. With 2 Beamforming microphones, Logitech has removed the arm of the microphone. These microphones also have a very interesting background noise reduction.

With Lightspeed technology, the headphones have a range of 10 meters and an autonomy of 18 hours. Perfect for gamer, urban or professional use. It works equally well with smartphones, PCs and PS5/PS4.

Originally posted at 79€, the Logitech G435 Lightspeed now finds itself at 59€. An interesting promotion for a well finished and complete product.

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