Silent Hill: a remake under Unreal Engine 5 impresses and creates enthusiasm


Among the most regretted video game franchises, Silent Hill can easily sit at the top of the list : it must be said that the abortion of Silent Hills by Konami was badly digested by the community as by Hideo Kojima, who directed the project before leaving to found his own studio.

Since then, rumors of a potential return (and even potential returns, in the plural) have been heard and shared, but nothing concrete is really to be put in their mouths. It did not take more for some fans to get their hands dirty themselves, like Codeless Studios, a very small entity made up of a handful of enthusiasts who launched a nice challenge: to make a remake of the first Silent Hill under Unreal Engine 5.

At the time of writing, the developers posted a demonstration of their work on their YouTube channel two days ago: it illustrates a portion of the beginning of the adventure well known to aficionados and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of positive reviews and above all, hundreds of rave reviews.

I have to say that the result is frankly convincing while respecting the fiber of the original work, released on the first PlayStation in 1999: transcribing the strangely fascinating horror and grime of Keiichiro Toyama’s work is not necessarily easy.

Faced with the massive popularity of the web, Codeless Studios has however allowed itself to make a statement, first of all to thank Internet users, but also and above all to calm the enthusiasm: none of this is official and necessarily, the site is limited.

We would love to complete it (the remake) more than anyone else, but the Silent Hill license does not belong to us and so it is legally impossible for us. Our intention was to share with you this something that we love deeply and we hope you will too.

We will try to continue the project, improving the demo and adding different playable areas, puzzles, enemies …

Note that the small organization specifies that she will add new videos soon : you can go to their YouTube channel at this address.

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