Son Goku versus Superman: A fan imagines the ultimate fight


Comics and manga are an integral part of our popular culture. However, there have always been some obvious differences between these two formats. Reading direction, color or black and white, themes addressed and publication strategies, almost everything separates the American and Japanese visions of comics. Even if it means comparing them, you might as well make it fun by trying to answer the eternal question that drives many debates … Who of the manga or the comic book has in its ranks the most powerful character? In this area, Son Goku and Superman are doing well.

A fan decides to close the debate by creating a short animated sequence. Thus, the Madison Animations channel imagines a duel between Son Goku and Superman. As a reminder, Son Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball manga. He comes from the lineage of the Saiyan, a race resembling humans but much more powerful because they can channel their energy and transform into a Super Saiyan. Goku can therefore fly, teleport, send spheres of energy and, by dint of successive transformation and fierce training, becomes more and more powerful.

Superman also has many arguments to tip the scales in his favor. The first superhero in the history of the 9th Art is known to fly at breakneck speed. He is blessed with superhuman strength and laser eyes. Note also that the hero from Krypton would theoretically be immortal thanks to the yellow sun … except if it is exposed to a stone called kryptonite. The fight promises to be epic.

Son Goku versus Superman: A fan imagines the ultimate fight

The fight begins in a mountainous and snowy setting. Goku is initially far too weak. He delivers a shower of blows without managing to scratch the Man of Steel. After a good right from Superman, the Saiyan, understanding that his opponent is not a beginner, transforms and takes his 3rd form directly. The real duel begins as our two heroes surrender blow for blow. However, the Kryptonian retains the advantage and sends his opponent to the mat.

It is up to them to bring out the big game for Son Goku who decides to take his divine form. The combat takes on the appearance of divine conflict, and becomes invisible to ordinary people. An avalanche is triggered by the violent vibrations. A young girl who witnesses the fight risks dying. Superman arrives there before Son Goku, thus proving his worth in the eyes of the Saiyan and his superiority. Superman remains the protector of humanity. And if there was to be a final fight, the planet would certainly be destroyed.

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