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How not to quote the season 2 of the cult Demon slayer This year. The manga ended on May 18, 2024 by breaking all of One Piece’s records outside of its longevity. Demon Slayer traces the adventures of Tanjiro, a charcoal seller in his village. His fate changes the day his whole family is slaughtered by a demon. Only his little sister Nezuko survived but she is now transformed into a bloodthirsty demon. Our hero then goes on a trip with his sister to try to restore him to his original form and avenge his family.

A strange phenomenon has turned all human beings to stone for thousands of years. Senku is a very talented high school student with a very enlightened scientific mind that is waking up. He decides that with the help of science he will rebuild the frozen world. He therefore starts again from zero with his childhood friend, the inexhaustible Taiju Oki, who has also woken up. And from there, the two friends will rewrite the History of Science from the Stone Age to modern times. Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s manga Dr Stone and its animated adaptation are little nuggets that you absolutely should not miss.

Fruit basket is an extremely well-known shojo from the 2000s. She had the right to an incomplete first adaptation of 26 episodes, and was able to find her audience. In 2019, a new adaptation of 63 episodes spread over 3 seasons is appearing. The last season was released this year and thus concludes the saga. In Fruit Basket, we follow the story of Tohru Honda who lives alone in a tent following the death of his mother. When her condition of life is learned by the Soma clan, they decide to take her in. She suddenly finds herself living with Yuki, Kyo and Shigure Soma. She will eventually discover that her “adoptive” family is hiding a very strange secret.

Stone Ocean is the 6th part of the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure recounting the stories of the Joestar family. This new “season” takes place in 2011. Young Jolyne Kujo finds herself imprisoned in Green Dolphin for a murder she did not commit. Indeed, her boyfriend ran over a pedestrian and put all the blame on her. Jolyne receives in prison a pendant sent by her father Jôtarô. When she cuts her hand with it, she discovers a strange power.

A final season that was expected and feared since it is produced by a new studio. A turning point also marked by the intrigue which takes a very political turn. Manga The attack of the Titans is now over while the anime is slated to end with the second half of this season. The Attack on Titan takes place in an apocalyptic universe where immense creatures, titans, threaten the population. Hidden behind gigantic walls, humanity wants to reclaim its ancient territories and discover the origin of these gargantuan monsters.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Shard is an animated film set in the main Gundam timeline named Universal Century. The feature film adapts a novel trilogy of which it is itself the introduction. The film stands out particularly for its quality animation. It is a real pleasure to find the main universe of Gundam since the events take place just after Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, a cult film in the eyes of fans of the saga. The feature film The Shine of Hathaway is available on Netflix. The curious will be able to discover a franchise that has crossed the ages of Japanese animation … Mobile Suit Gundam.

Izuku Midoriya grew up in a world where superheroes exist, they are endowed with a power called “Alter”. However, Midoriya has the distinction of not having an Quirk. There are a few in this case except that our protagonist is a fan of superheroes. Due to his courage and temerity, the latter is chosen by his idol All-Might to become his successor and joins the academy of heroes, the Yuei. Anime My Hero Academia is directly taken from the eponymous manga by Kohei Horikoshi, a publication currently at the top of the Shonen Jump along with One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen.

The animated series Sakugan takes as a frame a distant and dystopian future. Humans now live underground, and form colonies surviving in total autonomy (or almost). This world responds to the name of Labyrinth. Those who leave the colonies are called the Markers, and expose themselves to an unknown and dangerous universe. Memempu is a little girl who lost her mother very young, and begs her father to become a Marker. Together, they will form a funny duo and explore the Labyrinth in search of Memempu’s mother.

Takemichi was a scum in college. Now he is a simple salesman, and even the children laugh at him. Living totally on the fringes of society, he learns of his college girlfriend’s death from a television newscast. Hina is a collateral victim of gang warfare. Subsequently, Takemichi gets pushed under the train when suddenly he finds himself 12 years in the past in his college body. Fate thus offers him a chance to save Hina and finally accomplish something. Tokyo Revengers is the standard bearer of a revival for furyo, manga on Japanese gangs. Shattering many records within the Kodansha publishing house, Tokyo Revengers is one of the new releases of the year not to be missed.

Anime Yasuke is freely inspired by the extraordinary destiny of an African slave who lived in Japan in the 16th century. So far nothing extraordinary except for one detail. This slave became by force of circumstance a samurai. The Netflix-produced animated series draws on history to portray a whimsical feudal universe beset by dark forces and ravaged by war. Yasuke, once a soldier, became a simple boatman following the death of his master. However, the latter will have to take up arms again in order to protect a child with supernatural powers.

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