The biggest mistake in Nintendo history


In the early 90s, at the time when arcade games were the most democratized, Nintendo and Sega are at war to be the favorite console in our living room. The two Japanese firms openly shoot each other during cult advertising pages. During this battle, a good number of plans were decided, adopted, were complicated then were aborted or modified. One of the first difficulties being game support because yes, the appearance of CDs has changed the situation a lot, cartridge or CD the question arises. The other question that has arisen is none other than quality. At this time we are went from 8 to 64 bits quickly by crossing 16 and 32 bits.

Nintendo is well installed with a Super NES very reliable but which is starting to have the bottle and Sega in front with his Saturn which is clearly not a favorite at the start but, arriving 4 years later, the console is much more efficient. The war raging between the two, Nintendo wants to end it thanks to the new features present. One will work a lot on the firm, the CD. However, this technology that was the CD at the time was very different from the traditional medium of the Japanese company since it had always had cartridges. It will therefore have to ally with Sony and from this agreement which did not work, ally afterwards with Philips without success either. History reminds us that Sony will subsequently be the biggest competitor Nintendo and even take the lead in the market. The Nintendo 64 will still be released with cartridges and Sega will no longer produce consoles. How did it all unfold? This is what we tell you in the video of this special Christmas JV Legends for this Saturday above.

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