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A little recap is needed after the Nintendo Direct Indie World from yesterday. During the presentation, of about 25 minutes, we were able to discover no less nineteen games, some already expected, some not yet known. Back on the list of featured titles.

Critically acclaimed when released in 2018, The Messenger will be entitled to a sequel, Sea of ​​Stars, by the same Sabotage studio. In fact, it’s even a prequel to The Messenger, which will therefore take place in the same universe, in an earlier period. The game promises to be enchanting both in its artistic direction and in its neat turn-based RPG gameplay, which is inspired by masterpieces like Chrono Trigger. Moreover, the composer of the latter’s soundtrack, Yasunori Mitsuda, will be at the helm on Sea of ​​Stars.

Expected on PC and Switch for winter 2024.

Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses trailer

Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses, developed by UNDERSCORE, is an action-adventure game that will place you in a colorful and bright world. In it, you will have to solve puzzles in cooperation and face your environment. Indeed, this one may be splendid, it is nonetheless hostile: monsters and traps will block your way.

Expected on Switch for April 1, 2024

Endling – Extinction is Forever is an adventure game developed by Herobeat Studios. In it, you will play as a mother fox who seeks to protect her family from the ravages of man. The game therefore combines adventure, but also elements of infiltration, survival, and exploration. The goal: to reach a place where humans can no longer reach you, in order to avoid the extinction of your species.

Expected on Switch for spring 2024

Figment 2: Creed Valley, from Bedtime Digital Games studio, is as its name suggests the sequel to Figment, released in 2017. In a second opus that promises to be as crazy as the previous one, explore the human mind and neutralize the Nightmares, carried by the sound of rhythmic and musical enigmas of this original game. Playable solo or in pairs, the game promises you sacred boss clashes on grandiose musical themes.

Expected for February 2024 on Switch, and for the first quarter of 2024 on PC.

Expected by many fans, OlliOlli World showed up again as hoped. the roll7 skateboard game thus shows its gameplay, which will let you ride freely in the world of Radlandia. Your adventure will require you to constantly improve your skills of tricks and figures in order to accomplish the missions and meet the challenges of this fantastic world, in order to reach your ultimate goal: Gnarvana.

Expected for February 8, 2024 on Switch, PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and Xbox One.

Afterlove EP, from the makers of Coffee Talk, Pikselnesia, is a new narrative adventure game. Immerse yourself directly in an interactive comic and navigate the emotions of Rama, a young musician residing in Jakarta. Mourning and love mingle with the visual and narrative poetry of this story, which attempts to mix visual novel and rhythm game. Your choices will determine which ending you get in this game backed by a soundtrack from The Aphalpha, Indonesian like the studio.

Expected for summer 2024 on Switch, PC and PS4.

Loco Motive, developed by Robust Games, is an investigative game with a name as fun as its very cartoonish artistic direction. Lady Unterwald has just been murdered, and you must solve her murder: find who, and why. In this point-n-click, you will have the opportunity to play several characters who will get different clues in order to allow you to solve the puzzles. The game is fully voiced, for an immersive and fun storytelling.

Expected for summer 2024 on Switch and PC.

WayForward releases sequel to hit beat-them-up River City Girls 2. In this new episode, six characters will be playable and will have to fight in even worse streets. Playable in solo or in pairs, the game will once again offer you a difficult challenge, but rewarding and funny, which will make you forget that you are assaulting everyone who crosses your path.

Expected for summer 2024 on Switch, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One.

Dungeon Munchies, created by maJAja, is a macabre action / platform game, which will pit you against skeletons, zombies, and other monsters. You will obviously have to neutralize them, but for a very specific purpose: to make them delicious dishes. We are promised a hundred different recipes, which can match different styles of play.

Already available on Switch and PC.

Let’s Play! Oink Games brings together around thirty board games published by Oink Games. Designed to best respect the playing principles of the originals, these console versions will allow you to play lots of games of different genres locally as well as online.

Already available on Switch.

Omori trailer

Developed by Omocat, the game Omori offers an artistic direction full of finesse: drawn by hand, colored in pastel, the game seems to have come out of a print. The game tackles with poetry and intelligence the serious themes of suicide, depression and more generally anxiety in children. Already released on PC, the game developed on RPG Maker had revealed all its richness and neat writing.

Expected on Switch for spring 2024, already released on PC, expected on PS4 and Xbox One.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale, by Team Chicory, is a game that offers a principle already seen in other titles, but in a new way: to give life to a world, by giving it back its colors. Armed with a magic brush, you will try to find your idol Chicory, owner of the brush, but who has disappeared. This adventure game will allow you to give free rein to your imagination and creativity since it is possible to paint anywhere.

Already available on Switch, PC, PS5 and PS4.

Timelie, developed by Urnique Studio, is a game where time is not abstract: we can actually control it. In this title mixing infiltration and puzzles, you will be able to use your knowledge of time, and in particular of the future, to plan the movements of a cat and a little girl, simultaneously. Both are at your mercy, all you have to do is keep them alive …

Already available on Switch and PC.

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the famous game from Klei Entertainment. The punitive survival game finally arrives in its stand-alone cooperative on Switch. As a reminder, Don’t Starve is a survival game set in a dark and ruthless universe, where you and your friends will have to use your environment to your advantage in order to form a camp to survive as long as possible.

Expected for spring 2024 on Switch, already available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.

Developed by PortaPlay and published by the French of DONTNOD, Gerda: A Flame in Winter is a narrative game. Immerse yourself in the heart of Denmark occupied by Nazi Germany during WWII and learn about everyday civilian life. In the small village where Gerda grew up, she will have to find her place as a nurse in a war where every decision has consequences, every interaction with an NPC affects the rest of your adventure.

Expected for 2024 on Switch and PC.

GRIME, developed by Clover Bite and that you have already been able to discover on PC and Stadia will join the Switch catalog. This game combines elements of platforming, action and adventure in an RPG where your objective is far from defensive: destroy, absorb, grow, and start over. In this game, you will have to adapt your strategy to each boss you meet, because the simple frontal attack will not be enough: they are all much bigger and massive than you …

Expected for summer 2024 on Switch, already released on PC and Stadia.

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery trailer

Behind the Frame: The Most Beautiful Landscapes, developed by Silver Lining Studio, is a narrative game whose artistic direction is inspired by the greatest Japanese artists, starting with the master Hayao Miyazaki. You play there as a woman painter who must finish her masterpiece. Solve puzzles with your paintbrush, where colors tell a story.

Expected for summer 2024 on Switch, already released on PC and Mac.

Parkasaurus trailer

Parkasaurus, developed by Washbear Studio, is a dinosaur park management game. In this title, it is not only necessary to build attractions to satisfy the visitors of your park and to manage the employees, but also to ensure the well-being of the dinosaurs, which must be fed and raised from egg to age. adult. Everything will have an impact on the life of your creatures: biosphere, exposure, materials, vegetation, altitude, humidity … In sandbox mode or by following the countryside, create the park of your dreams, without forgetting that he must satisfy much more than your wishes.

Expected for spring 2024 on Switch, already released on PC.

Baby Storm is a party-game arcade game from Forever Entertainment. In this one, you will have to manage a group of toddlers in a nursery. Play alone or with others, in order to better manage the less docile babies, and obtain a better score than your competitors. You will be offered various mini-games to prove that you are the best babysitter in gaming.

Expected for January 21, 2024 on Switch.

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