The Jabra Elite 4 Active wireless sports headphones are finally available!


The Jabra Elite 4 Active have just been released, and Jabra’s bet seems to have been taken! These are discreet wireless headphones, with exceptional support, crazy autonomy and packed with useful technologies for athletes. All this while continuing to shine in terms of value for money.

The Elite 4 Active are launched at 119 €! If you want to get them without further ado, here is an Amazon link and a Fnac link, depending on the store you prefer. In both cases, the price remains the same. Note that several colors are available!

Headphones dedicated to sport oblige, the range of Jabra Elite Active has for it an excellent comfort and an excellent support in the ear without wings. As a result, people who are not necessarily sporty but who have trouble finding headphones suitable for their ears greatly appreciate the product.

Who says good performance necessarily means intra headphones with passive noise reduction. Jabra doesn’t do things by halves since you will also be entitled to active noise reduction with the ANC function! Thanks to the device’s 4 microphones, you can not only make calls but also reduce outside sounds and immerse yourself in your little bubble. Note that there is also a “HearThrough” function which allows you to adjust this active noise reduction.

Battery level, these headphones do better than AirPods by offering up to 7 hours of continuous listening outside the charging case. With the box and its 4 charges, you can therefore go up to 28 hours of autonomy. On this point, note that fast charging is possible: you unlock an hour of listening in just 10 minutes!

Wait, that’s still not all. Battery life can be further extended if you only use one earbud in Mono mode at a time. A fairly practical technology when running with others or when you want to ride a bike while paying attention to the road, for example.

The sound is ample, precise and adjustable, the controls intuitive, the comfort optimal … for 119 €, Jabra still achieves a nice blow.

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