This fashionable high-tech accessory is high promotion before the sales


It is not necessarily the first high-tech object that we think of when we talk about a connected product, and yet connected sunglasses are slowly, but surely, beginning to make a place for themselves… in the sun.

In geek culture we were already familiar with the Razer Anzu glasses that provide visual comfort in front of the screen by reducing the terrible blue lights that try to conquer the world while offering to listen to music or make phone calls. Nothing extravagant in itself either.

With the connected glasses Bose Frames Alto, we leave home a bit because here these are real smart sunglasses that this sound specialist offers us. Normally priced at € 229, Boses Frames are available at Amazon for € 149 at the moment.

If we tend to reduce connected glasses to a spoiled and capricious adult gadget and simply listening to its Spotify playlist, that would be an insult to those Bose Frames who want to go much further.

In the first place, of course, it is above all a question of replacing the Bluetooth headphones to serve as a stand-alone audio headset. And this is where we find all the know-how of the brand in terms of sound since the rendering is undoubtedly the best of all connected glasses on the market.

But where the Bose Frames really go further is that through its Bose AR platform, open to all developers, such as a Play Store for example, these glasses are equipped with several sensors capable of tracking and analyzing movements of your head and to offer a whole ecosystem around a technology of “audio augmented reality” as it is called at Bose. The best example being a GPS available on Base AR which can guide you based on what you are looking at and provide you with information about the objects you are staring at, much like a Google Lens.

Obviously, they are above all sunglasses and they offer protection against UVA / UVB up to 99%. It was important to clarify it!

If you are intrigued by this technology, the current promo on some Base Frames models at 149 € instead of 229 € is a good opportunity to take the plunge.

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