The Lord of the Rings: 1st video and final name for the Amazon Prime Video series, the tension is mounting!


This is one of the most expensive and huge projects for Amazon, which already knows how to do it when it comes to thinking big: The Lord of the Rings will soon be declined in an ambitious television series, exclusive to its SVOD Prime Video service. We are talking about a project with a colossal budget, namely 1 billion dollars for five seasons and a potential spin-off. If for the moment, only the first two seasons have been ordered, we suspect that the firm of Jeff Bezos is betting big and that its desire is to explode the scores of the cultural landscape.

When you set such a goal, you might as well say that the pressure is great. Finally, Amazon is slowly starting to draw the artillery: the company has just released on social networks a very first video teaser as well as a definitive name, which will be The Rings of Power. As for the first video, you can already enjoy it in our player above.

This very first video teaser already says a lot and is full of crispy little details: we see the creation of the One Ring, while the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring is recited in a masterful way. The opportunity to remember that The Rings of Power will be a prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, set during the Second Age over a relatively long period, without anyone really knowing how the story will unfold.

We will indeed see the forging of the Rings, the ascension of Sauron, the epic of Númenor but also the Last Alliance of Elves and Men : enough to terribly deepen the background of this universe established a long time ago by a certain JRR Tolkien: see you on September 2, 2024 for the very first season. Suffice to say that it may make noise, and we cross our fingers for it to be good.

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