The new PS5 DualSense controllers in all colors are available for pre-order!


The very recent announcement of new official colors for the PS5 and its famous DualSense had the effect of a bomb. In theory, there shouldn’t be any big out-of-stocks on controller colors, but given the state of the tech market right now, it’s best not to be too positive about this. Moreover, the purple controller, or should we say “Galactic Purple” does not seem available for pre-order.

the colors were chosen in accordance with a spatial theme. The official names all go in this direction “nova pink”, “cosmic red”, “starlight blue” … you see the picture. Maybe we can assume that Sony is going to release different “collections” of controllers on different themes? Who knows.

In the meantime, you can order or pre-order any color you want right now from Micromania, possibly the French dealer with the biggest stocks of PS5s. The price ? A little above the basic white color offered at € 69.99. The new colors are displayed at € 74.99.

The Xbox Series controllers are very pleasant to handle and have the big advantage of being compatible on PC. They are very good controllers, that’s for sure, but we can still blame them for a little lack of innovation compared to the previous generation.

On this point, Sony has really surpassed itself. Not only does the DualSense physically not have much to do with the PS4’s DualShock (neither in form nor in color), but it embeds a bunch of quite impressive new technologies.

Already, a bit like the Switch and its “HD vibrations”, the DualSense offers really damn haptic vibrations. Basically, this allows the controller to control very precisely the areas that vibrate as well as the intensity of the vibration. New gameplay possibilities are opening up to developers (in addition, of course, to enhanced immersion, the primary role of the vibration of the controllers).

In addition to vibrations, we are entitled to resistive triggers. Behind this somewhat barbaric term hides a very simple reality: there is a small motor behind the levers capable of opposing you with resistance. In a shooting game for example, you will feel the bursts of a machine gun and the heavy blows of a pump shotgun.

Finally, we appreciate the integrated microphone, which may seem like a gadget but which works well and is very practical in use. Everything else is classic true to Sony. Beautiful finish without screws, precise stick, responsive buttons … you see the picture.

We finally arrive at a small concentrate of technology with a fairly impressive quality / price ratio. If, on top of all that, you can choose any color you want, what are people asking for?

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