The RTX 3070 is available with this fixed gaming PC already mounted


By taking a little tour this morning on the various online sales sites to see the price of graphics cards, we took a new slap in seeing that the RTX 3070, whose official price is still 519 € for the Founder’s Edition, shamefully displayed at prices ranging from 1000 to almost 2000 euros for the card sold alone. We understand better why assemblers are on the rise and have never done so well.

We do not know when, or if, the prices of graphics cards will one day return to “normal” and we would be tempted to say to wait, again and again, but there comes a time when beyond our desires, we may need to buy a pc. And this is where things get complicated. What to do?

For those who want to give themselves a nice gift, enjoy the games without having to worry about the settings or for those who have to change their machine, then the only solution is to turn to an assembler to find happiness.

Cybertek, a small Bordeaux start-up which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, is one of the most serious and renowned assemblers in the country. He offers us his Black Box, a gaming tower with a Core i7 10700KF and an RTX 3070 graphics card for the modest sum of 1949.99 €. It ships before Christmas, and these days it’s pretty much a bargain.

As we know, the assembly of PCs is often more a passion than a story of power. For many of us it’s a bit like making a LEGO or crochet for others. We all have in a gang or in his entourage a friend who is there and who loves to build the best possible PCs for his friends with a given budget. Go shopping and buy each piece at the best price to then assemble everything and light it in front of the amazed eyes of your guests.

Unfortunately the current shortage of graphics cards prevents us from devoting ourselves to this little-known art. The professional assemblers save the rare arrivals of cards and assemble the PCs themselves for the customers. This is what Cybertek has been offering for 25 years and today with this Black Box.

In this gaming tower you will have the right to a Intel Core i7 10700KF processor clocked at 3.8 GHz (Boost to 5.1 GHz) mounted on a Gigabyte Z590 UD AC motherboard, 16 GB Corsair DDR4 3200 RAM, a Crucial 1TB NVMe SSD, a M.RED 850W 80+ Gold power supply, a RTX 3070 8GB graphics card, all mounted in a magnificent Corsair Carbide 175R gearbox.

You can also customize your configuration by adding 16 GB of RAM for 79 € or by changing the processor either by an i9 10900KF for 120 euros additional or by a i5 10400F to save € 220. Which would lower the price of the tower to just € 1,729.

Note that the tower is delivered without an operating system, so either you have one, or you buy one with but the option is billed at 149.99 €, or you find one on an online sales site for a few euros only.

Cybertek’s “Black Box” mounted fixed gaming PC with an Intel Core i7 10700KF processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD and an 8 GB RTX 3070 graphics card is € 1949.99 and delivered before Christmas!

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