PS5: Sony makes a tight turn in the development of its exclusive Twisted Metal


We’ve been hearing about a Twisted Metal television series for many years now: in May 2019, we were already talking about the subject in our columns, but we had to wait almost two more years to get more details on this project overseen by Sony. In parallel with this series, one of the PlayStation Studios would be hard at work to offer a resurrection of the franchise on the last machine of the Japanese company.

At least it is the noise of the hallway that has fueled the news this summer. A series of rumors which has moreover make the original creator react of the franchise, David Jaffe, since the latter did not seem to be in the know. A month after the spread of this rumor on the web, many sources came to support in this direction. If no real formalization has been made for the moment, the reboot of the game offers us new information since the development is about to experience a turning point.

Cars and explosions, Sony has already served us a few months after launching the Playstation 5 thanks to AllStars Destruction. As a result, the development studio behind this new creation, namely Lucid Games, seemed to design everything to take up the torch of the Twisted Metal franchise.

On that note, the reboot’s development seemed to be on the right track in the offices of the Liverpool, UK-based studio. However, Sony would have made the decision to take the project out of the hands of Lucid Games so that it can be taken over by another PlayStation studio, according to some sources and as reported by the VGC site.. For the moment, the manufacturer has not yet commented on this recent change of situation.

The reason ? This was not clearly mentioned, but one of the sources suggests the move would follow the release of Destruction AllStars and very mixed press and public feedback.. At the moment, we do not yet know the consequences of this withdrawal, nor the studio that will have the heavy task of resuming its development.

While the TV series is due out next year, the release of the PlayStation exclusive was slated to coincide with its launch. As a result, this turnaround could force Sony to review its plans around its various Twisted Metal projects, but there are still many months left for the course to be maintained: business to be continued, therefore!

PS5: Sony makes a tight turn in the development of its exclusive Twisted Metal

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