This Harry Potter prop launches a patronus on COVID


Zavvi has launched a special promotion which has it all in these times of peak epidemic. The 3 masks are offered at 16 €! But, the coolest thing is that they are not just white, they are in the colors and symbols of the most famous licenses, especially Harry Potter!

Zavvi may not mean much to you, yet it is a successor store to a well-known brand in France, Virgin Megastore! Much better known in the United Kingdom, Zavvi is at the forefront of derivative products, goodies, figurines and clothing collections dedicated to known licenses such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokémon or even the Looney Toons.

You can therefore go there in a reassured way, because all the products are official and carry the authentic stamp of the licenses.

This Harry Potter prop launches a patronus on COVID

COVID, or Coronavirus, is a virus that is currently rampant around the world and affects millions of people. Particularly contagious respiratory disease, it has been responsible for a real global upheaval since its appearance at the end of 2019. Containment, restrictions and many other things have followed one another in order to slow the virus.

Battles have been won, but it is still necessary to continue the effort. First, the vaccination. The latter will allow you to avoid serious forms of the disease and will thus slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Likewise, barrier gestures and the mask are there to successfully curb the epidemic and finally get rid of it.

However, that doesn’t prevent you from having some cool masks to wear! And the selection of nearly 30 different masks made by Zavvi will allow you to choose from many licenses including Harry Potter, Rick & Morty, Jurassic Park, and many more!

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