This Logitech wireless mouse that’s perfect for telecommuting is half the price!


First of all, let’s explain the title: why talk about an ideal mouse for teleworking rather than for gaming? Although it can be used in both cases, the Mx Master is above all a mouse designed for office automation. The capabilities of the machine are geared more towards comfort and practicality than raw performance.

We’ll go into all of this later in the article, but the most striking example is the effort that Logitech has made to make this mouse multi-surface. It glides and works great everywhere … even on glass. An ideal technology for people who work but whose gamers do not care.

This excellent comfortable and intuitive model is currently offered at a pretty crazy price for Amazon. Just before Christmas, the e-commerce giant offers the MX Master at € 41.90. An exceptional price for such a sharp wireless mouse. Normally, it is sold more than twice as expensive: € 89.99. So you save 53% of the initial price!

It may be office oriented, the MX Master is nonetheless a good mouse in general. Even for gaming. To get a good idea of ​​all this, let’s go a little deeper into the characteristics of the products.

On the Amazon name of Logitech’s mouse, you will see a strange number: 1000 DPI. “DPI” stands for “pixel per inch”. Basically, by traveling 1 inch with your wrist, which is about 2.5 cm, the mouse can travel 1000 pixel. This fairly high level of sensitivity can be reduced very easily, increasing the accuracy of the mouse pointer.

On the MX Master, there are 5 buttons in all. Most office mice only have the two clicks with the scroll wheel, and most gaming mice have at least 8 programmable buttons. This is at the balance between the two. Additional buttons that are super accessible with your thumb can be programmed as you see fit. For a copy and paste for example.

This mouse is based on Unifying technology from Logitech. The latter works in a simple way: all you have to do is connect a USB key to the device on which you want to synchronize the mouse. In addition, the MX Anywhere 2 is also equipped with Bluetooth, which means that you can quite use it on devices that accept this kind of connection. PC, Mac … or whatever.

Finally, there is a design that is both sober and well thought out to rest your wrist and adapt to the shape of the hand. Logitech was one of the first manufacturers to break the symmetry in its mice for more comfort. On daily use, this is very noticeable.

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