Sales: Sony headphones lighter than Airpods Max at exploded prices!


The advantages of this headset are numerous, starting with its 254 gram weight which allows him to be discreet and to avoid you a certain discomfort. It sports a design made in Sony, that is to say curved and rather classic lines, but which are rather fly and which are recognizable among a thousand. The helmet can fold up and be carried in a cover delivered with a cable allowing to switch to wired at any time.

In terms of sound itself, welcome to Sony quality with the Hi-Res Audio certification. The headphones have an analog amplifier to reduce distortion. It also benefits from DSEE Extreme to artificially improve the quality of your compressed music.

Then, Sony promises us the best noise reduction on the market, thanks to the AI-boosted QN1 HD noise reduction processor installed in the headphones. Two sensors are present to detect ambient noise to simply eliminate them better. You can adjust this detection on 20 levels if you want to stay tuned to your surroundings, so a modular headset on this point.

This Bluetooth headset is also smart, since you can instantly reduce the volume of your music at any time by putting your hand on your headset or simply by starting to talk to someone directly. No more going through your smartphone to mute the music, the volume is reduced by itself.

Sales: Sony headphones lighter than Airpods Max at exploded prices!

A 30h autonomy rather comfortable will allow you to enjoy your music without interruption. In addition, a 15 minute quick charge theoretically gives you 8 hours extra battery, which is pretty good if you forgot to charge your toy. Interesting option: when you take off your headphones, the battery will automatically pause, which saves it.

Connection and navigation level, Bluetooth allows you to pair up with two devices at the same time, which is always cool, and you can do it all with the headset’s touch controls. Change music, volume, take calls, and even control your voice assistants with a optimization for Alexa and Google Assistant.

To sum up, with this offer straight from the winter sales, you have one of the best noise canceling headphones for the best price. A product to buy with your eyes closed at Amazon.

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