Train to become the next Jedi with this larger-than-life Star Wars lightsaber


Whether you’re a fan of the first trilogy, the second or rather the last, whether you discovered Star Wars on Disney + with The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett, we all necessarily have a special and somewhat unique relationship with the universe imagined by Georges Lucas more than 50 years ago and whose very first film, Star Wars, episode IV: A New Hope (A New Hope in English) will celebrate its 45 years (already…) this year.

Train to become the next Jedi with this larger-than-life Star Wars lightsaber

The debate between purists who swear by episodes IV, V, VI and those who validate, or even prefer, the other two trilogies is endless and quite entertaining. Each generation for 40 years has had the right to its trilogy and it is quite logically the one you see first with your amazed children’s eyes that will mark your special and personal relationship with the Star Wars universe for life.

But whether one is totally addicted to films or simply passionate about the universe, Star Wars has rocked and still lulls the childhood of hundreds of millions of little jedis around the world.

On the menu of the festivities, we therefore find a true extremely qualitative collector’s item, like all the products of the famous “Black Series”. The lightsaber thus combines LED bulbs of advanced technology and sound effects drawn from the Star Wars universe. The design of the saber faithfully reproduces that which can be seen in the hands of the missing Carrie Fisher in episode IX: The Ascension of Skywalker. Finally, a base is provided to proudly display your saber wherever you want.

Hasbro, one of Star Wars’ historic merchandising partners, offers a whole bunch of collector merchandise with its “Black Series”, including helmets, disguises and lightsabers like this magnificent replica of Leia’s saber. Organa that can be found for pre-order at Amazon for € 279.99 instead of € 309.99. Delivery is scheduled from April 1, 2024.

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