Uncharted: the film shows off its French version in a spectacular trailer with a surprise to the casting


If the film Uncharted will have taken forever before giving birth to a first trailer (it is a project in the pipes for more than ten years), we feel that the site is about to be completed: Sony no longer hesitates to drop many media about him and, in this case, a well-felt trailer.

Attention, this one is not really “new” since it is about the second trailer already published two weeks ago: on the other hand, it is the very first time that the French version is officially unveiled and it suggests the return of a well-known dubbing actor in the person of… Bruno Choël.

In video games, Choël is neither more nor less than the French voice of Nathan Drake: in the feature film, however, he will play Victor Sullivan, character played by Mark Wahlberg. Ironically, the latter actor was originally to play Nathan Drake in the early sketches for the movie Uncharted, over ten years ago.

Note however that the thing was predictable since Bruno Choël is the official French voice of Mark Wahlberg in France. Moreover, he also takes care of several other stars like Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Jason Bateman or Matthew McConaughey.

The least we can say is that Sony Pictures is putting the package on this Uncharted film that will love to tell an original story, however largely inspired by the various video games of Naughty Dog : we will find for example the famous scene of the cargo plane of Uncharted 3 or the wreckage of the pirate ship of Uncharted 4, here well boosted with large-scale special effects. As for Drake himself, we will be treated to a young and fiery version of the hero, still in his early career.

As for the casting, a little reminder: Nathan Drake will be played by Tom Holland and Sully by Mark Wahlberg, while Chloe Frazer will be played by Sophia Taylor Ali. At the level of the antagonists, we will find Antonio Banderas as the main figure, accompanied by Tati Gabrielle (“You”, Season 3).

The film is slated for theaters on February 16, 2024.or in just a few weeks.

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