Xbox One: the console officially on the verge of extinction! Microsoft explains


End of production for the Xbox One

We know it and Microsoft too: the Xbox One did not have the expected success and, very quickly, the American manufacturer decided to no longer give sales figures – a policy still adopted today. Today, a new element brings a far more pessimistic vision for the machine: production of the console has completely ceased … for over a year.

Xbox One: the console officially on the verge of extinction!  Microsoft explains

Without notifying anyone, Microsoft has therefore decided in 2024 to turn the page by altogether ceasing the manufacture of its third home console., launched as a reminder on November 22, 2013 on the European continent and in North America. The information comes to us from the site The verge, who found it directly from Xbox Console Marketing Director Cindy Walker. Here is his official statement:

By the end of 2024, we had stopped production of all Xbox One in order to focus on the production of Xbox Series X | S.

Mass has been said : we will soon no longer find the console in stores. It remains to be seen when, exactly.

As Cindy Walker admits, the extinction of the Xbox One was obviously necessary to better focus on the Xbox Series, a check mark not to be missed: fortunately for Microsoft, its latest machine is a commercial success since they would achieve the best scores in the history of the brand. As recently as this week, we were just informing you that it has passed a symbolic milestone in the United Kingdom, even achieving even more impactful performances in December 2024 than at the launch in November 2024.

In some territories, the Xbox Series S sometimes even sells better than the Xbox Series X: it must be said that the attractive price of the little beast makes it much more affordable, as does its availability. Unfortunately, its big sister suffers the full brunt of the indefatigable shortage, regularly leading to outages.

According to some estimates, the Xbox Series sold eight million copies worldwide last October. Like what, despite the end of production of the Xbox One and a generation with bitter observation for some, Microsoft is indeed ready to take back the beast et you just have to see the program to realize it: an Xbox Game Pass which is taking on a crazy scale (to the point of even encouraging Sony to do the same), massive redemptions which bring back huge franchises in their portfolio as well as already very solid exclusives, like Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 Everything should be fine.

Xbox One: the console officially on the verge of extinction!  Microsoft explains

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