8K finally affordable thanks to E.Leclerc who is selling this LG smart TV!


An 8K TV yes, but what for? Well with 4k resolution starting to democratize, betting on 8K is a great thing if you want to keep your TV for a good number of years. The PS5 already benefits from ultra high definition and it’s a safe bet that your TV will still be there to know its big sister in a few years.

Even if this content will therefore not be purely 8K from the start, the 8K Smart TV from LG has a high-performance processor that will take care of using any HD source for “upscaling” it. Basically, even without 8K content, AI will allow you to have automatically enhanced content.

Keep in mind that a screen like this is big enough, so you’ll need to be at least 10 feet away to get the most out of it.

On the technology side, the 8K panel from LG has the NanoCell, which is almost half the price of an OLED television and whose brand has the only factory in the world capable of manufacturing it. The NanoCell allows you to obtain sublime detailed images with precise colors and enjoy wide-angle viewing.

The 55-inch NanoCell Smart TV has the ultra elegant and ergonomic WebOS interface that will allow you to enjoy your applications usually offered on connected televisions: Netflix, amazon prime, Spotify, Disney +, Youtube, etc. Compatibility with Dolby Atmos and DTS are also part of the game with incredible sound that will remind you of movie theater.

For this price, unfortunately no 120 Hz panel but a 60 Hz frequency which still comes with several HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 ports. The slab from LG has an excellent response time and low latency which will be ideal for playing your PS5 or even if you want to plug it into your PC. The Smart TV even has the technologies VRR and FreeSync which will reduce screen tearing.

In addition to these different modes such as the very good “FilmMaker Mode”, the LG NanoCell 55NANO956 8K LED Smart TV is a very good ultra high definition screen for its price. Previously offered at € 1,149, it is available on sale on the E.Leclerc site at € 859.

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