Alan Wake II: a graphic slap on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series? First info on Remedy’s survival horror

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Released mid-May 2010, the first game Alan wake has earned its cult gaming stripes thanks to player word of mouth. Eleven years later, the license to the tortured novelist has managed to carve out a singular place in the hearts of gamers, helped by the game’s release last October and the growing popularity of studio Remedy following the excellent Control.

Even if the famous writer had to face the anguish of the blank page, he would, in reality, have many other things to tell us since he will return for a second adventure which promises to be even more frightening than the first.

It didn’t take long for the announcement ofAlan wake ii marks the spirits during the Game Awards 2024: 53 seconds, watch in hand, and not one more! However, beyond the tirade of the main character and the front dolly revealing various environments, there was not much to chew on!

Nevertheless, the screenwriter Sam Lake confided, at the microphone of IGN, shortly after the announcement to briefly discuss this production which is expected in 2024 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. With this suite, the studio aims to develop its most beautiful game, no more no less ! A quest that the development team thinks to be successful thanks to its in-house engine which made a strong impression on Quantum Break and Control.

As a nice reference to the Nordic origins of development studio Remedy Entertainment, the in-house engine used for Alan Wake II is called Northlight Engine. An engine powerful and balanced enough to bring the a sumptuous production and, paradoxically, to a particularly dark story.

Thanks to him, the studio displays disproportionate ambitions and makes a point of honor to make the atmosphere and general aesthetics the two strengths of this second part.. On the gameplay side, we are still waiting for the studio to light up our lanterns, but it seems that the survival horror slider is pushed a notch or two. A turning point that risks making the saga pale resident Evil ? Response in 2024!

Alan Wake II: a graphic slap on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series?  First info on Remedy's survival horror

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