An RTX 3060 in this fixed gaming PC on sale!


Getting equipped for gaming at Cybertek, we can say that it is more than relevant with a PC that offers good performance for a little over 1000 €:

Obviously, for the price, do not expect to have the total with this gaming tower, but it is still a very good starter which can be upgraded in the years to come and evolve quite easily into a war machine!

First of all, the 10th gen Intel i5 processor is far from ridiculous with its 6 hearts turning at cruising speed at 2.9 GHz and up to 4.3 GHz in high demand and automatically with Turbo Boost technology. This turns out to be completely sufficient for current games.

An RTX 3060 in this fixed gaming PC on sale!

The RTX 3060 graphics card is not left out with its 12 GB of GDDR6 for an optimal computing power, which will bring you very good results as well on the most greedy games as on the most demanding applications of the video editing type. You can connect your screen to it via HDMI or DisplayPort, which is nice depending on the ports you have, but also at the level of the dual screen.

16 GB DDR4 for RAM, the door is open to applications that respond quickly and to multitasking! Thanks to this, this PC can just as easily run Google Chrome and allow you to launch a game of Halo Infinite, without breaking a sweat.

the 1TB storage is in NVMe SSD which will allow you to launch and process many applications smoothly. But it is especially in your games that you will see the difference, with shorter loading times! In short, with the SSD, you gain fluidity.

In addition, we can count on a 750W power supply from ATX with Bronze quality, which is more than enough to run this configuration (but perhaps a little tight for an evolution which would be more energy intensive).

So much for an affordable gaming PC with a good base to show off your gaming station. You already have everything you need to start playing in a comfortable way. A very nice offer from Cdiscount during these winter sales.

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