PS5: The most anticipated zombie video game already on sale


It has not yet been released that it is already at a more than attractive price on PS5 on certain stores. The one that can easily be found for €69.99 on Cdiscount or Micromania, for example, is much more interesting to take from Leclerc or Amazon, for example, which both display it at a price of €54.99! 2 a few days from the official release, it’s a small boon for all those who would like to pre-order it to play it on their PS5.

The one that announced itself as an ultra-extended title will be able to maintain your evenings for many weeks if you want to do it at 100%. Indeed, it will take you no less than 500 hours to complete everything, from the main mission to the rarest collectible. If you have less time, don’t panic, you can enjoy the main adventure without spending your life on the console, the game can be completed in 20 hours for the main story alone and around 80 hours to finish the main story. story and side quests. In fact, whatever choice you make, you’ll get what you pay for with its playing time.

Dying Light, the first of its name, is quite simply an excellent action adventure game in survival horror mode and many of us are impatiently awaiting the release of this sequel which should arrive on February 4th. We will again be immersed in the apocalypse which has transformed a large part of the population into infected and where our character, Aiden, who will have to survive in an environment where danger is everywhere. We will go in search of the sister of the hero who has recently disappeared and this will lead us to confront the various local factions that control the area.

The emphasis of this new title is on the narration which should take up more space than in the first opus. According to the 87 preview, the quests vary the gameplay phases effectively, which is an excellent point for an open world game that is promised to have such a long lifespan. On the gameplay side, the visceral side is preserved and the mechanics of parkours will normally be just as satisfying (see more) than in the first of the name. The combat seems to have been embellished with new movements and we can hope for the arrival of spectacular combos once we have gained enough experience.

As in 1, a day/night cycle will be present and will affect game mechanics. If the streets and rooftops are relatively secure during the day, the infected will reign there at night! In this new opus, everyone is infected and the penumbra will have a terrible effect on you. A countdown will start during your nocturnal adventures and once it is over, the infection will take over. It will therefore be imperative to find the UV sources scattered throughout the city and create syringes to extend your life.

In short, we should have access to an even more satisfying game than Dying Light 1!

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