Spider-Man: little surprises to collect in Marvel’s Avengers, on one condition

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Sony and Marvel get along pretty well when it comes to video games – just look at Insomniac Games’ hugely successful Spider-Man exclusive to realize it. As if to add a new stone to this very precious edifice, The Weaver also brought back his strawberry in Marvel’s Avengers, the title of Crystal Dynamics released in 2024. And once again, this is a gift reserved for PS4 and PS5 players.

History to spoil a few more, the developers have just announced that cosmetic content is available for “a limited time” to all PlayStation players, on one condition: that to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus. If you can tick this simple box, you will therefore have the right to:

It’s always taken, especially when we know the sometimes expensive price of some of these dematerialized items.

Spider-Man: little surprises to collect in Marvel's Avengers, on one condition

These little treats obviously come at an opportune time: the release of Spider-Man No Way Home today in theaters. More than ever, the Spider is present in modern culture and it is a wonderful time to be a fan of Peter Parker.

However, all his performances are not necessarily the most successful: in the case here, his integration into Marvel’s Avengers was not very well received by gamers, with the superhero suffering from his comparison to the Insomniac Games title. The lack of context and storyline around his arrival didn’t really help either.

Although these are two significantly different titles in form, the parallel between the Spider-Man of the PS4 exclusive and that of Marvel’s Avengers quickly applied on the web. Here is our own video, focusing point by point on the gameplay, the animations, the environments or the outfit of each of the two versions. You can find it just below!

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