Apex Legends: The Respawn studio loses its creative director but continues its secret project


With such a status, it is difficult to think that this departure is trivial. Yet, according to several well-informed sources, such as VentureBeat Where Eurogamer, the studio would not be impacted and would continue to work on its solo game project. Last July, Respawn had also launched a major recruitment campaign and it was this same Mohammad Alavi who had gone to the front to attract new developers. The company was then looking for different profiles such as level designers, from fight designers, from technical game designers

As it stands, the information circulating in the industry explains that Respawn had anticipated this departure and that the development of the game continues. Scheduled for 2024 or 2025 (yes, we’ll have to be patient), this new IP will not be a Titanfall, but it could come close if we believe the rumors. Indeed, two words would be at the heart of this new solo experience: mobility and style. We can therefore imagine an adventure that takes up the commonplaces of Titanfall by adapting it to a solitary progression. According to VentureBeat, the title is being developed alongside Apex Legends and the Star Wars sequel Jedi: Fallen Order. It would be a Triple A, but, again, this work is not about to see the light of day.

For Mohammad Alavi, it’s a page that turns. After eleven years of good and loyal service within Respawn, the native of Tehran is about to embrace a new career project. We don’t know yet where he will land, but there is no doubt that with such experience (he has worked on Modern Warfare, including the extraordinary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as well as Titanfall and Apex Legend), he will have no trouble bouncing back. We wish him the best and we look forward to seeing what Respawn is preparing.

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