Batman | Superman: Zack Snyder’s Trilogy Soon To Be Set Aside?


A few days ago, MyTimeToShineHello and KC Walsh insiders dropped a real bomb. We already knew that The Flash, expected in theaters in November 2024, would introduce the notion of multiverse in the DCEU, but it is still difficult to know what consequences this could have on the following events, and in particular on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (end of 2024), as well as on Shazam! Fury of the gods (spring 2024).

What we never suspected, however, is that the film could act as a soft reboot, in order to reshape a cinematographic universe that is regularly judged to be quite complex. According to information from the two insiders, who are to be taken with very nice and very large tweezers, the Warner would have decided to remove some films from the series by a skilful scriptwriting process. This would mainly affect the films of the “Snyderverse”, namely Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice league. For their part, the films Wonder woman would experience various fates. The events of Wonder Woman 1984 would not no longer taken into account, while those of Wonder woman would be partly reworked.

Following these changes, a new Justice League would emerge, with The Flash, Supergirl, Shazam and Batgirl. Batgirl is rumored to be chosen by Michael Keaton’s Batman for take over. Obviously, Warner and DC have not commented on these rumors, and we must therefore be very careful vis-à-vis them. However, the Snydercut of Justice league is not considered canon, and the production company seems to want to deviate from the direction taken by the director in his feature films.

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