The most anticipated game of the PS5 is on pre-order at a reduced price!


Elden Ring is so eagerly awaited that you may have already had a hard time pre-ordering it! Indeed, it is out of stock at many retailers like on Amazon where it is only found for PS5 at 64 € in its launch edition. The advantage with this offer at Cdiscount is that the price is lower for the same edition! It is currently at €58 instead of €79 at the “normal” rate.

If you are looking for a PC version, you can find your happiness at FNAC or Cultura for respectively 49 € and 54 € thanks to the various reductions such as The Fnac+ card which, admittedly, will cost you €9.99 in the first year, but will allow you to benefit from a €10 discount on the majority of video game pre-orders.

Without the Fnac + card and for the PS5, it is clearly better to stay on the Cdiscount offer which is really nice to have the version on this latest generation console at the best price!

For all those who have not yet talked about this event game, know that it is the last title from From Software which are known for the Souls series, Bloodborne or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. They are all excellent RPGs that we particularly appreciate for their ultra hardcore gameplay where the slightest error can cost you your life.

This time you will take control of a dull, a race neither dead nor alive and exiled for a very long time from the realm of the Underworld. Your mission will be to find the Elden Ring to become the lord of these lands and bring peace there, just that! The lore and the universe were created by a certain George RR Martin, a tiny guy that nobody knows. (He is the creator of Game of Thrones for those who have a doubt and therefore a guarantee of ultra quality).

Gameplay level, we see a significant change compared to the Souls series, the game being in an open world! The stealth mechanic will allow more accessibility to all players while we will find the long-awaited hardcore difficulty of the bosses.

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