Cdiscount offers you money to prepare for the sales!


After Christmas, here are the winter sales! Indeed, the latter begin next Wednesday, January 12 at 8 am precisely! And to prepare them, nothing beats discounted E-gift cards. These allow you to have 150 € in voucher, while you only have to pay them 130 € with the code CKDO20.

Sales are the best time to do business! From an official point of view, there are two periods in the year when the offers take great discounts and where it is possible to do business.

The next ones are the winter sales and we can say that they are ideally placed after Christmas. Why ? Quite simply because once you have obtained vouchers and discount cards that your loved ones have given you, there is a great way to save money by combining them with the discounts available during the sales.

And the Cdiscount E-Card is there to help you take advantage of it! Offered at € 150 basic, it is available for € 130 with the code CKDO20. The principle to obtain it and then add it as a means of payment is simple:

Thanks to this, it is as if you systematically apply a reduction of € 20 on all the products you buy from Cdiscount.

However, some conditions must be remembered:

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