Chocobo GP on Switch sold off in pre-order for the sales


PlayStation owners remember this. After the success of the imaginary animal in Final Fantasy 7, and the famous chocobo races that had to be won in the Gold Saucer, Squaresoft (former name of Square Enix) had surfed the wave to get us out a really nice Chocobo Racing.

Chocobo GP intends to bring these characters from the world of Final Fantasy back into the race in a completely crazy Mario Kart type game that will put you in control of cars, motorcycles, rollerblades, and other vehicles among the craziest.

Like its predecessor, Above all, Chocobo GP wants to be accessible to all. It will therefore offer for each character 3 types of vehicle more or less fast, more or less difficult to control. The Power Ups that have become classic in this kind of game are also there to add strategy to these wild races.

If you liked Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo mobile, you should love Chocobo GP which also offers a complete story mode ideal for discovering each circuit in a new way. Chocobo GP also offers interesting features like the race against ghosts of players from all over the world, the game in 2, 3 or 4 on the same console, in split screen, and even online with tournaments bringing together up to 64 players.

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