Dead by Daylight, January 2024 Prime Gaming Rewards: How Do I Get Them?

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Amazon’s Prime Gaming service allows you to regularly benefit from advantages and bonuses to be unlocked in the titles most appreciated by players. Dead by Daylight, which is part of it, renews its partnership. Behavior Interactive’s 5-player asymmetric competitive game periodically offers bonuses in the form of cosmetic products and exclusive offers. The game takes place in a restricted area where a player takes the role of a killer seeking to sacrifice four survivors, who must restore power in order to escape. Currently, Prime Gaming is offering a brand new outfit to all premium service subscribers who play Dead by Daylight..

You may not know it but the Prime Gaming service is included in theAmazon Prime subscription, free for the first 30 days and offering many other advantages than just in-game bonuses: access to the Prime Video program catalog, free delivery on your physical product orders on Amazon, an included Twitch support subscription to give to a streamer of your choice each month to support them and enjoy their personalized emotes … Dead by Daylight’s January 2024 cosmetic content is just a small part of the many perks that the Prime membership has in store for you, which is currently priced at $ 49 per year. Here’s how to get the Scorching Ice Outfit for The Scourge of Dead by Daylight if you’re a Prime member.

Dead by Daylight, January 2024 Prime Gaming Rewards: How Do I Get Them?

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