Devolver Digital teases popular FPS license return

Nintendo Switch

An uninhibited take on the old-fashioned video game, the Serious Sam series features the aptly named Sam Stone grappling with aliens in cities across Europe. In the first episode, the fellow stuffs himself with hordes of misshapen monsters in places as emblematic as Rome, Carcassonne, Pompeii or even Prague! Drawing from the depths of the B series, this license does not take itself seriously and represents a gigantic outlet full of humor. During its history, the license has thus known several episodes (as well as spin-offs) and a multitude of supports. She has crossed the generations and it is no coincidence that she is knocking on the door at the start of the year 2024. But, in the end, what can we expect from it?

Shooting plans on the comet based on a simple tweet is a perilous exercise, but we can already establish some hypotheses on the video broadcast for the occasion. Although this one is very short, it does suggest that future clashes could be set in the Arctic – or perhaps Alaska if the rare forests appearing on the trailer are to be believed. It is in any case an icy environment which awaits the players if one relies on the frosted logo. The tone of the game, meanwhile, shouldn’t budge an inch with an irreverent, kicking-out character, well you see what.

You just have to wait to find out more in the coming weeks.

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