The OLED on iPad is becoming clearer… but not for now


While everyone took it for granted that Samsung was going to take care of producing the OLED panels for future Apple iPads, a new rumor has just called this information into question. According to the WCCFTech website, the Californian company would also be in discussion with LG for the production of the famous slabs, high in stakes.

Why LG? First of all, this manufacturer would already be involved in the production LTPO OLED screens intended to equip the future iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max : he would therefore already be familiar with Apple’s OLED products. Next, the collaboration between the American company and Samsung would be conditioned by the number of units ordered by Apple. Samsung is said to be building a factory capable of meeting the requirements of its business partner, but given the high production costs involved in this type of panel, the Korean would like the American to make a strong commitment.

Problem: Buyers switch iPads less often than iPhones, and Apple would therefore be reluctant to place the huge order requested by Samsung. This is where LG comes in: the manufacturer, which is also Samsung’s big rival in the OLED panel market, is in the process of expanding its factory in Paju, South Korea. The latter would allow it to produce the OLED screens that Apple will need for its future iPads.

The iPad Mini.

The OLED on iPad is becoming clearer... but not for now

However, if LG sharpens its arguments to seduce Apple, the latter would still be in active discussion with Samsung. In any case, even if an agreement were reached now, the logistics are such that the South Korean company could only start production at the end of 2024, for delivery during the year. 2024. This would allow Apple to integrate its OLED panels, at the earliest, into the iPad range planned for 2024.

If negotiations with Samsung failed, Apple could then turn to LG, in full seduction operation, but for the time being unable to respond concretely to the American’s requests, which could have an additional impact on production times. Apple would then have one last potential partner to turn to: Chinese manufacturer BOE, which is also upgrading its factory to be able to mass-produce OLED screens up to 15 inches diagonally.

In any case, we will have understood: don’t expect an OLED iPad for at least two years at best. At least things are clear.

Source: WCCFTech (1,
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