Elden Ring creator won’t play his game, explains why

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In less than two months, the next game from Japanese studio FromSoftware will hit all the shelves, ready to find a place in the library of many gamers. But after popping the screen during its reveal during gamescom 2024 and, more recently, at the Game Awards, presented by Geoff Keighley, Elden Ring doesn’t have to force the line to gain the sympathy of players around the world.

It must be said that the promises of his epic adventure have largely convinced the public, but not that since George RR Martin, the writer to whom we owe Game Of Thrones, himself confessed under the spell of the game as a result of its collaboration with FromSoftware. As we get closer to the fateful release date, information is trickling down to us: as an example, we were recently learning the weight of the game. But it was during an interview for the magazine Edge that astonishing information reached us and it directly concerns the creator of Souls.

Elden Ring creator won't play his game, explains why

For its number 367, the British magazine Edge put the next game from FromSoftware in the spotlight by devoting its front page to it, as well as a good portion of its content. We find, among others, an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of the studio and creator of Elden ring, during which he confesses the fact that he will not play his own game. He quickly followed up on the reasons behind this, at first glance, surprising choice.

Elden Ring has been in full development for some time now, a long-standing project in which Hidetaka Miyazaki has been heavily involved. As a result, and for him, the game does not hold any surprises. However, this is not the only argument put forward by the president of the studio: this choice is above all a personal conviction.

Elden Ring creator won't play his game, explains why

Elden Ring is somewhat approaching his idea of ​​his ideal game and Miyazaki has done everything to achieve this result, he also knows the inner workings, it is for this absence of surprises and of confrontation with the unknown that he explains not to have planned to play there.

You know, I probably won’t play Elden Ring because it’s a game that I created on my own… (…) It’s kind of a personal conviction (…) Like I said before, I wouldn’t feel like playing. But if I did, then it would be close to my vision for the ideal game. “

If Miyazaki therefore skips Elden Ring, players should not., evolving on PC or on the last two generations of consoles, so much the tension at the idea of ​​discovering this new saga, in the vein of Souls, continues to progress!

Elden Ring creator won't play his game, explains why

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